The Rise Of Game Development In The West

Western game development and Eastern game development have historically been linked to different industries: PC games and console games. Eastern game development has traditionally dominated console games, which gave Western developers the opportunity to rise in the comparatively ignored industry of PC gaming.

With ports between consoles and PCs becoming more popular, the sharp line between the two industries has somewhat faded. Because of this, and the global nature of the industry, Western companies and Eastern companies are now playing on generally the same playing field. Want more? Square Enix are now finding themselves in competition with Western developers like Bioware and Obsidian–both of which started on the PC platform and have found great success with console ports. In addition, the popularity of a Western-based console (the Microsoft XBox) has given Western development companies more of a foothold.

Competition between developers is a positive thing for the consumer and the industry alike: it promotes growth and innovation. Competition between Western and Eastern developers is especially valuable because it allows for representation of a variety of cultures, societies and values. Whatever the future holds, both Western and Eastern game industries are firmly entrenched, and have loyal followings and a bright future ahead.