The Time is Ripe: Growing Video Game Industry Demands More Designers

Much of life is about seizing opportunities when they present themselves. If you wish to pursue a career in video game design and development, now is a great time to do so. While it is a very challenging field to break into, the payoff can be worth it.


The worldwide game industry is growing. reported that the industry is expected to reach 82 billion by 2017. Additionally, the number of computer software engineering jobs is also expected to see considerable growth over the next several years. This has a lot to do with the ever-changing landscape of video games. Games are no longer only played on traditional consoles like X-Box and Playstation. Now, they have reached smartphones, hand-held gaming devices and other smaller, more versatile platforms.

To become a video game designer, you not only need to like playing video games, but also know what makes a game good or bad. You must be patient, creative and have exceptional problem-solving skills. Additionally, you must be able to work at a fast pace, deliver results in pressure situations and be a team player.

Fortunately, more and more schools are beginning to offer programs to help prepare you for a career in video game design/development. Many of these schools are also web-based, making it convenient for you to learn the necessary material.