Viral Marketing: Does It Work For Video Games?

In recent years, viral marketing has proven itself as a viable and cost effective way to advertise a product with less investment than other media. Hollywood studios and Indie filmmakers alike have taken advantage of viral marketing with films such as The Dark Knight and District 9 with great success.
One must wonder why video games in general have not used this tool, one that has proven to be so effective for film and television. Some gaming companies have attempted and have had some limited success with viral marketing, such as Bioshock’s website, and Halo 2′s ilovebees. This helps explain it more. com, the former still being viewable.

It can be argued that video games actually have a better medium through which to advertise viral marketing. A game can last a person for weeks while a movie is over in two hours or so. If a company can create a certain feel and anticipation with a website or a video that uses viral marketing, one would think that the effect of such advertising would last much longer just by the nature of video games in general.
Recently, Resident Evil 6 has taken advantage of a viral campaign called a website with blog posts and accompanying videos. It seems that game makers have not quiet given up on Viral Marketing.